Friday, November 11, 2011

A Sampling of Posters for the Library

Ski Archives


Dr. Yoky Matsuoka Lecture

Poster for lecture event.

ELUNA Conference

Website banner and teaser card for an event.

Featured database series

This poster series features different research databases and services offered by the library. These two are my favorites so far.

Poster Series for lectures about Antarctica

The photos were taken by the lecturing faculty members.

Book Collector's Event

A program I designed for the Library's Book Collector's Event.  We used a scanned imaged from a rare edition of book in the special collections department.

Library Brochures

Student Orientation inside
Student Orientation outside

USpace inside
USpace outside

2006 Season Campaign for StageRight TheaterCompany

These images are posters and a brochure for the 2006 season at StageRight Theater Company . They were created in Adobe PhotoShop, using scanned objects or photos.

Set Designs

These images are photos of various sets that I have designed, and or dressed and painted. The productions are:
  • Twelfth Night - set design, scenic artist, painter, set dressing
  • The Philadelphia Story - set design, scenic artist, painter, set dressing.
  • Blithe Spirit - set design, scenic artist, painter, set dressing. This set and Philly story were designed at the same time, using the same space. This was because the schedule didn't allow much time to build a new set in between the two shows.
  • Anastasia- Scenic artist, Painter